May 6, 2010

I found this artist through the Ipod Touch/IPhone app i wrote about in my previous post and he’s absolutely fantastic. Take a look at his blog here: SANER’s BLOG and here is some of his work: 


Kid robot app

May 5, 2010

I Found This cool app for my iPod touch today and i love it its made by kid robot !!! Coolest firm ever 🙂 its actually like a news blog with posts about toys, style and much more check it out!!!

screenshots by me 😀

Sleep Party People is the bedroom project of Brian Batz from Denmark. With an old drum machine, a piano and a guitar, Sleep Party People creates a unique dreamlike universe where almost every sound is treated and effects tinge every sonic colour. The result is not like anything you’ve ever heard. You can take a look on his Myspace:

OR you can check out his new Official Homepage that I have made!

Remember: He’s playing at Roskilde-Festival!!!

appL – A Beatiful Toy

April 29, 2010

appL is a custom 5” MadL. + Branches it’s 9”. It’s one of the most beatiful toys i have ever seen. appL cost 160$ and its already Sold Out.